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Puppy for Christmas, A

After her destructive new puppy, Buster, causes Noelle to lose her boyfriend, her apartment and her job, Noelle spends the holidays on a family farm with her rugged coworker Liam. When her old life in the city comes crawling back to her, Noelle must choose between the safe, successful world she left behind…or an uncertain, unpredictable and exciting future with Buster and Liam!


Christmas with the Andersons

Everything is set for another year of remarkable Christmas parties and gifts until Michael gets fired from his job for being too greedy. Now, he and his wife will have to cancel parties and presents for their twins. All hope is lost until wacky Aunt Katie randomly shows up at the house announcing she’s going to spend Christmas with the family. Reluctant at first, the Andersons give her a chance and she helps them realize they can still pull off an amazing Christmas without any money. With her... More


Heritage Falls

Seeking to heal their relationships, basketball coach Charlie Fitzpatrick takes his son, Evan, and grandson, Markie, to a rustic cabin to bond. It’s Evan’s worst nightmare. Over three hilarious, adventurous, soul-searching days the men discover what it means to be a father, a son, a grandfather.

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Pitching Tents

To escape reality, Danny and his band of misfit buddies head to the woods for the town’s annual rite-of-passage fishing trip. After a wild party, Danny stumbles upon Goddess Camp, the urban legend that so many horny high-school boys have fantasized about for years. Here he meets Alison, who helps him find the strength he needs to uncover his own destiny.

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A girl running from her past is forced to confront her future when her friends perform an impromptu seance. Dirty secrets are revealed and an uninvited guest joins the party.

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Midsummer's Hawaiian Dream, A

When they find out that a Hawaiian jungle is going to be bulldozed into a strip mall, anthropology professors Helen and Demitri Schuler, along with grad students Zander and Hermione are sent to find an ancient tiki that will prove the land is sacred. When Helen sees how smitten the young students are for each other, it ignites the desire to rekindle her own relationship with Demitri. Can they find the tiki before it's too late and will the ancient forest show them the magic of true love?

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