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Set in 1890’s Montana, a conflict between the widowed Maggie Carter and cattle baron Cyrus McCall escalates into a “range war” when McCal...[more]

Wayne Shipley, Eric Roberts, Raw Leiba, La Don Hart Hall, Jim Osborn, Jason Brown

Genres: Action, WesternRated: Not Rated


Eden Jackson returns to his hometown to pick up the pieces of the life he was forced to leave eight years earlier. It proves to be more ...[more]

Michael Feifer, Jay Pickett, Tom Skerritt, Victoria Pratt, Michael Bowen, Patty McCormack, Miranda Frigon

Genres: Drama, WesternRated: Not Rated


Set in the Hill Country of Texas during the 1880s, the Texas Rangers find themselves up against one of their own. Shane Stocksteal turns ...[more]

Anthony Henslee, Roy Clark, Mel Tillis, Kinky Friedman, Anthony Henslee

Genres: WesternRated: PG13


A classic Western in the tradition of John Ford and a powerful mystery with the plot twists of Alfred Hitchcock. Jericho is a man h...[more]

Merlin Miller, Mark Valley, R. Lee Ermey, Buck Taylor, Kateri Walker

Genres: WesternRated: PG13