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The highlight of Chuck Manetta's life was serving in the Korean War fifty years ago. Now he is reluctantly enlisted to baby-sit his socce...[more]

Anthony V. Orkin, Victor Argo, Celine Marget, Jerry Della Salla, Michael Buscemi

Genres: Family, KidsRated: PG13


Mario Vandetti is looking forward to the last day of school and can't wait to spend the summer together with his father. Ready to embark ...[more]

Lee Librado, Jack Scalia, Beau Bridges, Chauncey Leopardi, Patrick Renna

Genres: Comedy, Family, KidsRated: Not Rated


In this action-packed movie, Tae Kwon Do master Matt Robins and his teenage daughters fight to keep their martial arts school open. In or...[more]

Chi Kim, Shawna Larson, Rebekah Bartlett, Shannon Marketic, Nicole Burks, Frank DeAngelo

Genres: Action, Family, KidsRated: Not Rated


In a world beyond imagination where fantastic tree villages float in midair, a young boy named Joshua dreams of adventure. Forced from hi...[more]

Genres: Sci-Fi, Adventure, KidsRated: PG


Jerry is a quiet 10-year-old who enjoys all the advantages of a middle class lifestyle, while his best friend Whitey lives in poverty wit...[more]

Alexander Johnston, Keith Carradine, Nick Searcy, Betsy Brantley, Beatrice Bush, Pat Hingle, Michael Welch

Genres: Family, KidsRated: PG


Eddie Burton (Casper Van Dien) has made too many mistakes in his life. In and out of trouble with the law, he risks losing the one thing ...[more]

Paul Schneider, Casper Van Dien, Graham Greene

Genres: Family, KidsRated: PG


Kyle's police partner and best friend, Hunter, is loyal, smart, brave, and, oh he's a dog! Unfortunately, during a stakeout to capture a ...[more]

Worth Keeter, Jack Wagner, Daphne Zuniga, Zack Ward, David Leisure

Genres: Comedy, Family, KidsRated: PG


Soccer playing brothers compete on the field and off when the police captain and his beautiful daughter move in next door. Right before t...[more]

Ralph E. Portillo, Mario Lopez, Dick Van Patten, Bo Hopkins

Genres: Comedy, Family, KidsRated: G


Lloyd is a sweet and funny eleven-year-old class clown who is always getting into trouble with his teachers. When he tries to rescue one ...[more]

Hector Barron, Todd Bosley, Mary Mara, Taylor Negron, Tom Arnold

Genres: Comedy, Family, KidsRated: PG

What can Matt, an 11-year-old boy, do when his father is too obsessed with work to spend quality time with his family? A forgotten school...[more]

Blair Treu, Kevin Kilner, Kevin Jamal Woods, Vanessa Zima, Alexandra Paul, Dom DeLuise, Rich Little

Genres: Family, KidsRated: G