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Jack Satin is the best Vegas performer you’ve never heard of. Jack (Hamilton von Watts) has no money, no gig and delusional aspirations ...[more]

Christopher Olness, Melissa Joan Hart, Robert Guillaume, Michael Cudlitz, Hamilton von Watts

Genres: Comedy, RomanceRated: Not Rated


Can losers find love? Southwest desert radio station K-RAP is struggling to pay the bills when suave radio jock Jack Proctor (Beau Clark...[more]

Jason Naumann, Nikki Boyer, Beau Clark, Frederic Doss, Tiffany Lynch, Chad Brummett, Wayne Grace, K Callan

Genres: Comedy, Family, RomanceRated: PG


Herman has a weakness for strip clubs. Donny has a thing for condiments and Tiffany is a newly celibate martial artist. These are Andy’...[more]

Lawrence Trilling, Greg Grunberg, Henry Winkler, Tom Arnold, Odette (Yustman) Annable, Josh Cooke, James Denton, Kym Whitley, Rob Benedict, Lisa Lampanelli, Kathrine Narducci

Genres: ComedyRated: R


Patrick Warburton is Rock Slyde, private eye. He’s a little more Frank Drebin than Philip Marlowe, but he backs down from no one. Times...[more]

Chris Dowling, Patrick Warburton, Andy Dick, Rena Sofer, Elaine Hendrix, Jason Alexander, Tom Bergeron, Jerry Cantrell, Brian Bosworth, Eric Roberts, Lea Thompson

Genres: ComedyRated: PG13


When home grown Sheriff Charlie Dexton of tiny Wrightsville, TX investigates his first murder at the local diner, he ends up finding more...[more]

Adam Pertofsky, Gil Bellows, William Atherton, Melora Walters, Mike Starr, Charles Napier

Genres: Comedy, Thriller, CrimeRated: R


Justin Frost (Thomas Middleditch), a twenty-something slacker, has decided that his “thing” is that he has no “thing” at all. When a sma...[more]

Brant Sersen, Thomas Middleditch, Rachael Taylor, Christopher McDonald, Lea Thompson, Frankie Faison, Dean Winters, Jason Rogel

Genres: ComedyRated: R


Four college buddies find themselves on the adventure of their lives when, on the morning after a Las Vegas bachelor party, they end up s...[more]

Sean Doyle, Christian Oliver, Seamus Dever, Evan Helmuth, Jonathan Murphy, Alex Rocco, Marco Rodriguez

Genres: ComedyRated: R


In the small town of Laxdale, former pro hockey player Bill Swanson and local waitress Gina Larson believe that some mysterious crop circ...[more]

Grant Harvey, Tom Green, Crispin Glover, Sarain Boylan

Genres: ComedyRated: R


Dee Dee Rutherford has never been able to figure out what her father, Bill, wants from her. Like oil and water, they've lived essentially...[more]

Mike Meiners, Lisa Ann Walter, Kurtwood Smith, Mason Gamble, J.P. Manoux

Genres: ComedyRated: R


Trump is a thirty year-old, self made millionaire who has what he believes is the perfect life. Money, cars, and yes...the beautiful bang...[more]

Barry Bowles, Jazsmin Lewis, Tiffany Lowery, Carl Gilliard

Genres: ComedyRated: R