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Inspired by the real-life events surrounding the recruitment and capture of Ahmed Ressam - aka the "Millennium Bomber". Ressam was convic...[more]

Jerry Ciccoritti, Michael Ironside, Kathleen Robertson

Genres: Action, ThrillerRated: PG13


Jack Ford leads a Special Forces unit back to the United States to hunt down Jake Gabriel, a soldier who has been infected with the werew...[more]

Michael Worth, Michael Worth, John Saxon, Natasha Alam, Tim Thomerson, Adrienne Barbeau, Zosia Mamet, Martin Kove, Art LaFleur

Genres: Action, Horror, Sci-FiRated: R


Upon discovering the terrorist who murdered his family is building a massive bomb, Las Vegas gentlemen's club owner and former CIA agent ...[more]

Chris Langman, Nikki Schieler Ziering, Simona Fusco, Clive Robertson

Genres: ActionRated: R


After five years in a prison for the criminally insane, autistic Manny returns to Reno. He moves into a motel, and takes a job as a clerk...[more]

Stephen Purvis, Lou Diamond Phillips, Bruce Weitz, Glenn Plummer, Tracy Middendorf, James McDaniel, Peter Onorati

Genres: Action, Thriller, AdventureRated: R


Set in the world of X-treme snowboarding "White Air" tells the story of Alex Crow, (Riley Smith), a once-promising snowboarder who has lo...[more]

U. Wolfgang Wagenknecht, Riley Smith, Dominique Swain, Tom Sizemore, Paul Logan, Elizabeth Daily

Genres: ActionRated: PG


A small sleepy town in Wyoming is just no place for a young man with dreams of playing the timbale drums in a salsa band. Seizing his des...[more]

Michael Damian, John Hayden, Richard Riehle, Jason Priestley, Diora Baird, Harland Williams, James Best, Mike Starr

Genres: ActionRated: R


Fresh off the plane, Martina meets her brother Luca in Las Vegas. The two young Italians are taking time out driving through the stifling...[more]

Fabio Segatori, Brad Renfro, Vinnie Jones, Caprice Bourret, Antonio Cupo

Genres: ActionRated: R


Based on a true story. It is the final days of World War II, and Luigi Manin (Luca Zingaretti) is one of many Italian prisoners of war be...[more]

Giorgio Serafini, Roy Scheider, Robert Farrior

Genres: Action, DramaRated: R


An ex-detective, the reincarnation of Alexander the Great, faces an enemy he executed 2,000 years ago.

Nick Rotundo, Lorenzo Lamas, James Hong, George Touliatos, Nicholas Pasco

Genres: ActionRated: R


In this action-packed movie, Tae Kwon Do master Matt Robins and his teenage daughters fight to keep their martial arts school open. In or...[more]

Chi Kim, Shawna Larson, Rebekah Bartlett, Shannon Marketic, Nicole Burks, Frank DeAngelo

Genres: Action, Family, KidsRated: Not Rated