Big Spender

Eddie Burton (Casper Van Dien) has made too many mistakes in his life. In and out of trouble with the law, he risks losing the one thing that matters to him the most-his seven-year-old son Will.

When Eddie finds himself at a horse farm as part of a prison work detail, he thinks it will be an easy way out. He soon finds, however, that it is much more difficult than he ever could have imagined.

When a horse named Big Spender arrives at the farm, Eddie's life takes a dramatic turn.

Big Spender was once a world-class racehorse, but after he stopped
winning, his abusive owner left him for dead. Near starvation, Big Spender has all but lost the will to live, and it is up to Eddie to nurse the horse back to health and help transform him back into a champion.

Based on a true story, BIG SPENDER is about the unlikeliest of friendships between a man and a horse and their attempt to regain what they have lost.

Genres: Family,Kids
Item Number: MHV D7651D UPC: 723952076519
Release Date: September 30, 2003
Rating Description: For brief violence and mild language.
Paul Schneider - Roseanne: An Unauthorized Biography, Honor Thy Father & Mother: The True Story of the Menendez Murders
Casper Van Dien - Starship Troopers, Sleepy Hollow, The Omega Code
Graham Greene - Dances With Wolves, Maverick, The Green Mile, Die Hard With a Vengeance
Run Time (Mins): 95
Sub Titles: No
Closed Captioning: No