Rolling Kansas

Texas, 1984. Dick Murphy, the eldest of the Murphy brothers, is a man with nothing to lose. He is part owner of a miserably failing t-shirt shack and his marriage to the beautiful Becky is careening headlong into the toilet. This, combined with a distaste for the harassing mortgage lenders pounding on his door, has put Dick in a foul mood.

One evening the Murphy brothers inadvertently discover something quite amazing: The Map. They are shocked to find that their long lost parents, the Hippies Murphy, have bequeathed to them a map to a mythical field of pot.

Genres: Comedy
Item Number: MHV D7685D UPC: 723952076854
Release Date: August 17, 2004
Rating Description: For language, drug content and brief nudity.
Thomas Haden Church - Wings, Sideways, Spider Man 3, Ned and Stacey
James Roday - Psych, Dukes of Hazzard, Showtime
Sam Huntington - Not Another Teen Movie, Fanboys, Superman Returns
Rip Torn - Men in Black, Dodgeball, Larry Sanders Show, Payday, Cross Creek
Kevin Pollak - Usual Suspects, Casino, A Few Good Men, The Whole Nine Yards
Thomas Haden Church - Wings, Sideways, Spider Man 3, Ned and Stacey
Run Time (Mins):
Sub Titles: No
Closed Captioning: No