Agent Tom Brindle (Hutton) is called to Barcelona, Spain to track down the notorious serial killer known as Pygmalion, who kills his victims then positions them in macabre displays. His team uses DNA to track down and arrest Marco Soler, a young volatile soldier, only to find that Marco has an air-tight alibi.

While investigating, he finds that Marco has a monozygotic twin with identical DNA only a decade apart in age. With the help of the clinical psychologist Elena, they decide to build a psychological and physiological profile of the serial killer using his twin brother, Marco. Agent Brindle is closing in on the killer but the killer is also closing in on him. The hunter becomes the hunted as Pygmalion also discovers that he has a twin brother and begins to stalk the investigative team.

For Agent Tom Brindle, the only way to finally catch the killer is to risk everything, and everyone, he holds dear.

Genres: Action,Thriller,Crime
Item Number: MHV D7850D UPC: 723952078506
Release Date: January 25, 2011
Bryan Goeres - Reflections
Timothy Hutton - Leverage, Ghost Writer, Ordinary People, Secret Window
Fernando Guillen Cuervo - Quantum of Solace
Dominik Garcia-Lorido - City Island
Miguel Angel Silvestre - Reflections
Run Time (Mins): 94
Sub Titles: No
Closed Captioning: No