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P-51 Dragon Fighter

While the Allies are engaged with Rommel in North Africa, both sides suffer heavy casualties. Unbeknownst to the Allied forces, the Nazis have been cultivating a long-forgotten creature to fight on their side. Now the Allies must assemble a group of the best pilots from different nations to battle this new threat to civilization.

Genres: Action,Sci-Fi,War
Item Number: MHV D7905D UPC: 723952079053
Release Date: August 19, 2014
Mark Atkins - Battle of Los Angeles, Haunting of Winchester House, Princess of Mars, Merlin and the War of the Dragons
Scott Martin - Battle Force, The Rig
Stephanie Beran - Battle Force, The Next Mrs. Jacob Anderson, The Suffering, Fatal Call
Ozman Sirgood - The Hot Chick
Robert Pike Daniel - Like Crazy, Dance With Me, Dreams Awake, Street Racer
Run Time (Mins): 84
Sub Titles: No
Closed Captioning: Yes