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Hollywood is the cinema capital of the world - the place where dreams come true. It is associated with glamour and luxury. But for Nick, reality is very different. Years ago he was a successful screenwriter. Now he is just a dispatcher at Utopia, a Hollywood limousine company. Dispatch follows Nick from dusk to dawn on one overnight shift. In the end, he must choose whether to run from his problems as he always has, or finally face them head-on.

Genres: Drama
Item Number: MHV D7863D UPC: 723952078636
Release Date: December 27, 2011
"Sober, engaging, brilliant...a must-see film from a talented director." -
"...a gritty, dramatic and compelling view of a corner of our universe that most people never see..." - Alan Menken (Oscar-winning composer)
"...a testament to the power and simple honesty evoked by this quiet but effective movie..." - Julian Krainin (Oscar-winning filmmaker)
Steven Sprung - Arrested Development, Entourage, Community, Andy Richter Controls the Universe
Michael Bershad - Cobra, Terror in Paradise, Capitol
Bruce Bohne - Dawn of the Dead, Fargo, Patch Adams
Erick Avari - The Mummy, Planet of the Apes, Daredevil
Melina Lizette - My Best Friend's Girl, Fast Lane, The Narrows
Blake Robbins - The Ugly Truth, Rubber, Part Time Fabulous
Harry Karp - Shoot 'em Up, My Friend Johnny Keller, Rules of the Game
Run Time (Mins): 84
Sub Titles: No
Closed Captioning: Yes
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