Jack Thorn an ex-navy S.E.A.L. And the CIA's director of covert operations is ready to retire and go fishing. Unfortunately Jack's replac...[more]

Lloyd A. Simandl, Leo Rossi, Olivier Gruner, Bo Svenson, Amy Weber

Genres: ActionRated: PG13


Seventeen-year-old Cally was born into the idyll of commune life. Since she was five, however, Cally has been living on a houseboat with ...[more]

Melissa Painter, Clea DuVall, Daryl Hannah, Tomas Arana, Eric Roberts

Genres: DramaRated: R


A young couple holds up a bank and it's up to an FBI agent inside to help negotiate their demands.

Ash Baron-Cohen, Mischa Barton, Cameron Van Hoy, Burt Reynolds

Genres: Drama, CrimeRated: R


A seedy slice of life story of a bartender in a Pennsylvania steel town that finds his life full of characters struggling to find their o...[more]

Nick Stagliano, Jeremy Davies, Virginia Madsen, Hal Holbrook, James Belushi, Tom Sizemore, Mary Stuart Masterson, Michael Madsen, Luke Perry, Chris Penn

Genres: Comedy, DramaRated: R


Set in 1930's Appalachia, a backwoods father is threatened when an outsider comes to his mountain and courts his daughter.

Richard Weinman, Burt Reynolds, Keith Carradine, Hayley DuMond, "Wild" Bill Mock

Genres: Action, ThrillerRated: R


A mercenary's former associates hunt him down when he tries to leave the profession.

Robert Radler, Olivier Gruner, Rebecca Staab, Judson Mills, Randy Travis, Cyril O'Reilly, Bre Blair, Sam J. Jones

Genres: ActionRated: R